Last Updated: 31-01-05


This is the online portfolio/ place-to-put-stuff of Ashley Russell. Here you will find sketches, finished art, animation assignments, photographs and other random things. When I get my act together there might even be a comic for your reading pleasure! Feel free to browse around to your heart content. On your way out, please sign my guestbook, I love to hear from people! Thanks for stopping by! Watch out for the first step, it's a doozy!



January 31, 2005 - A new update, a new layout, a new year, a new resolution to update more often.... ehehehe, yah, I think we all know that won't work! Anywho! So there's new stuff all over the place! New art in Illustrations, new bio, new links, soon there will be new work up in Animations... yah, I think that's about it... Oh! There is also a new guestbook! So if you signed my old one, please sign again! I like having people sign my guestbook! Hopefully I'll get my act together and update more! I have plans for this place... many plans! Mwahahahaa!




(Disclaimer: All art and photographs here, unless otherwise mentioned, is copyrighted to Ashley Russell and is not to be taken without permission.)